PLEASE NOTE: Owing to the Coronavirus emergency, Emmanuel will not meet physically until further notice. Our Sunday morning meeting will be live streamed via YouTube at 10:30. For more info see

Our Story

We're ordinary people - living in Bath, working, studying, looking after kids, going to school, playing sports, eating, laughing, crying and all the rest.

We’re a group of people who are seeking to live in community – sharing our lives with one another, supporting one another and urging one another on.

We’re a group of people who have been brought into community, most fundamentally, by the good news of Jesus Christ. We’re not community because we live in the exact same place (although some of us do). We’re not community because we belong to the exact same family (although some of us are in families). We’re not community because we are at the exact same life-stage (although some of us might be). We’re community because we share this in common: we have life in His name.

Our story is, ultimately, all part of His story. Now we want to grow in our knowledge of, and love for, Jesus through his Word, the Bible. We want to become more fervent worshippers, more passionate followers and more courageous promoters of the Lord Jesus.

Our aim is the fame of His name.

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