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Are you safe?

Are you safe?

Wednesday 29 April 2020 by Ad Taylor-Weekes

In preparation for our upcoming preaching series in Colossians, I've been using the 100 day daily devotional by Sam Storms, The Hope of Glory.


I thought I'd share a section from day 2, where he meditates on Colossians 1:2. There Paul addresses his recipients as, "saints and faithful brothers in Christ at Colosse." He notes that this double designation, earthly and spiritual, describes them as, at one and the same time, living in Christ and in the world of this ancient Roman city. After borrowing Klyn Snodgrass's commentary on a similar phrase in Ephesians, he comments:

Thus there are two levels of experience for believers, two kingdoms of which they are citizens, two perspectives from which we may view life. For me today, I am in Kansas City. In a real sense, that is where I am. But it cannot and must never exhaust what I am... ...No matter where you are geographically and physically, what you are spiritually will never change. You may be at work, at play, overseas, under the weather or out of money, but you are always and unchangeably in Christ. You may be down in the dumps, over the hill, or beside yourself, but you are always and unchangeably in Christ. You may be at paradise or in prison, at the movies or in Chicago, but you are always and unchangeably in Christ. Your geographical, earthly physical location has no effect on your spiritual identity... ...But the reverse is different. It is precisely because you are in Christ that wherever you live and work and play, you make an impact, you carry an influence, you make a difference. Your spiritual identity as one in Christ must control and charactise how you live, wherever you live. And remember: it is in Kansas City or Chicago or Dallas or whatever geopgraphical location you call home that you are in Christ. They are true simultaneously. You do not live in Christ only while you are at church, on your knees, or in a home group, then return to being simply in your ciity when you leave that more holy atmosphere.

The same is true, of course, if you are in isolation or in lockdown. Those are temporary realities, we trust. But you are always, permanently and unchangeably in Christ. There is no safer place to be!

Ad Taylor-Weekes

Ad works most-time for Emmanuel Bath as the Pastor. The rest of the time he is a music leader and a guitar teacher both privately and in a school in Wiltshire. He's husband to Jane and father to four lively children. He grew up in Bath and studied at the Cornhill Training Course from 2003-2005.
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