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Raising kids in a screen-saturated world

Tuesday 3 September 2019 by Carl Woodcraft

Book Review

It is hard (and debatably not a good idea) to hide our children from screens and devices. They are growing up in a world where screens and devices are everywhere and intrinsic to day to day life.  When questioned, it very quickly became apparent that our children were already incredibly well versed in their capabilities, performance, and the various apps on offer. At school they are used as part of teaching and no doubt they are common in all our homes. 

This book tackles a big question in a very helpful way: when to give your children a device. The response the author gives to this question is helpful, thought provoking, and perhaps unexpected. The response presented is not when but how to give your child a device. For the remainder of the book the author unpacks this further, focusing on the root of the issues associated with using devices. 

In this short punchy book it poses useful questions about our own attitude to devices and how these become patterns and lessons to our children. Even if you don’t have children this book will provide a useful challenge for your own treatment and usage of devices. 

A quick and straightforward read, the book challenges behaviours, prompts reflection, and promotes godliness. 

The question is, if left to your own devices, will you read this book? 

You should do. 

Carl Woodcraft

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