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Why I'm voting

Friday 1 May 2015 by Ad Taylor-Weekes


In recent months I've come across several biblically unsound reasons for voting (some of which I've shared before). It's refreshing to find a good one in the Christian Institute Election 2015 Briefing and this video:

We're unlikely to transform politics, I'm not even sure that's what were meant to be doing. But in God's providence we have a voice, so let's use it. Of course ticking a box isn't the only thing we can do, or even the most important thing, but it's still a thing!

In my next post I'll share some reflections from David van Drunen's book "Living in God's Two Kingdoms" on this topic.

Ad Taylor-Weekes

Ad works most-time for Emmanuel Bath as the Pastor. The rest of the time he is a music leader and a guitar teacher both privately and in a school in Wiltshire. He's husband to Jane and father to four lively children. He grew up in Bath and studied at the Cornhill Training Course from 2003-2005.
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